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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi
Odontologist Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av.
6th fl. - Of. 3
Rosario - Sta. Fe



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Dental Whitening

...for a shining smile...


To show white theeth is wonderful, and it is the wish of many patients that today can see their dream came true. New products in market (we only offer high-quality trademarks) plus the hi-tech equipment in our office offer excellent results.


We hope you come by and you will be welcome to have a Whitening Treatment done in our Dentistry Clinic in Rosario


There are some myths about dental whitening. I can only talk about my medical experience and share it with you if you are about to recieve dental whitening.


We can talk about two types of dental whitening:


Internal Whitening:

This is the case of teeth that somewhere suffered traumatism (you may remember or no). The main cause is the braking of the neurovascular package inside the tooth. The blood spreads through the dental canaliculus, then it congeals and the tooth turns brown or black as time goes by. Another reason why internal whitening is indicated is cases in which the teeth had their natural colour but after being treated on root canals its blood vessels brake and the blood spreads through the dental canaliculus, then congeals and tooth darkening begins.



Dental Whitening Rosario before


Dental Whitening Rosario after



Dental Whitening Rosario


Dental Whitening Rosario


The solution for these cases is internal whitening. It consists of: A very good sealing of root canals at the level of the joint of bony substance, or, to be more didactic, at the level of the anatomic neck of the tooth. It must be properly sealed to prevent the whitening material from getting through the nose. Once the whitening gel is applied and sealed, the dentist waits form 48 to 72 hours to control changes. Then the gel is applied again and left 1 more week. After this, the pacient may start seeing the changes. The hole operation is repeated until the results are those required. This technique is very sucssesful and the whitening lasts several years. There are cases in which there was no need to do a second whitening and this is why I strongly recommend the whitening before a veneer or a porcelain crown since there is nothing better than oneself teeth.


General or External Whitening:

At the office, sometimes people ask me about whitening and whether or not I recommend it. My answer is: I only recommend general or external whitening when I see very yellow theeth. When the pacient is someone working on TV or has a special event, whitening plays a major role since excellence in aesthetic is crucial. However, the teeth will return to their natural colour after 4 months. Having said this, we will be pleased to apply external whitening to the pacient. When it comes to damage to enamel of teeth, I consider it extremely little, even imperceptible to the human eye. It could be compared to the damage a car recieves after whashing it because of the rubbing and the use of chemicals, though we may not percieve it. I hope you find these texts helpful.



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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi - Odontólogo - Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av. - 6th floor Of. 3 - Rosario - Sta. Fe - Argentina

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