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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi
Odontologist Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av.
6th fl. - Of. 3
Rosario - Sta. Fe



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Smile again

...the importance of your smile.

I write these lines to help people to make a decission that will change your lifestyle literally.

I enjoy taking pictures of my pacients before and after the treatment, since apart from the new smile obtained, there is a special brightness in their eyes. it is amazing to see the happiness through the eyes, as well as satisfaction, peace, relaxation... I say it without exagerating, or you can ask those people that are not happy with the aaesthetics of their mouth.

That satisfaction makes me proud: frankly, to give a pacient the chance to smile again is priceless.


If you are thinking about starting the treatment, there are some points you should take into consideration:


Are you among those who cover their moth with the hands at the time of talking or smiling?

Do you control your smile so people cannot notice the lack of some teeth?

Have you got difficulties to chew?

Have your friends tell you about your bad breath?

Do feel envy of people with perfect smiles?

Do you feel insecure when talking or gesticulating before people?


If you suffer from some of these items, do not hesitate to ask your dentist: surely he will help you to achieve what you have always wanted: To have beautiful teeth to smile again.


And remember my words and compare the photos where you did not feel secure about your mouth to those taken after the dentistry treatment. Apart from your teeth, pay atention to your eyes: believe me that after big treatments the usual comment of patients is:


If you do not laugh, you do not live

Laughter is good health. Goog mood is good health. Are you sure you think enough about this aspect of your welfare? Laughter is the bets cosmetic for your external beauty and the best medicine to your inner life. Laughter and good mood will free you from that seriousness that turns problems heavy as lead. Laughter and good mood create new spaces for undiscovered happiness.

A day you do not laugh is a lost day.

Phil Bosmans

Office 183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av. - 6th floor Of. 3 :: Fe, Argentina

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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi - Odontólogo - Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av. - 6th floor Of. 3 - Rosario - Sta. Fe - Argentina

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