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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi
Odontologist Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av.
6th fl. - Of. 3
Rosario - Sta. Fe



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Maximiliano Lombardi Odontólogo
Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi


Bernarda Godoy


Silvina Latanzi
Dr. Silvina

Samanta Ivaldi
Dr. Samanta Ivaldi

Flavia Ciraolo
Flavia Ciraolo

Carolina Faravelli
Carolina Faravelli

German Martínez
German Martínez


Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi Odontólogo

Dr. Lombardi Maximiliano

Oorthodontist - Mat. 3786/02

Graduate of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Facultad de Odontología year 2000.

Masters in NYU University of New York


Last trainning

2004- Training received in the Bs. As. brunch of Instituto Nobel Biocare, belonging to University of California. 90 hours-duration. Theorical workshop on Implants and clinical on patients- from March to December. Given by Dr. Ranalli

2005- Postgraduate training in Universidad del Salvador recieved in Asociación Odontológica Argentina (Bs. As.) Orthodontics. 3 years-duration. Dr. Pablo Luis Vitale.

2006- Training on Dentistry Emergencies given by Dr. Berrone Ma. del Carmen and Becchi Ma Alejandra

2007- October. Training given by Dr. Richard McLaughlin (USA) MBT Technical Orthodontics. Update of orthodontics treatments.

2008 Clinical extention - Clinic Orthodontics recieved in Asociacion Odontologica Argentina in Capital Federal.

2009 As a Dentist in Clinic Orthodontics on Craniomaxillary Deformity. The head of the Clinic is Dr. Ines Ulfe We prepared with orthodontics the patients of Garraham Hospital that then have an operation. The clinic is inside the Asociación Odontologica Argentina, Capital Federal. To the present

2009 Damon trainig given by Dr. Pablo Luis Vitale in Madero Mystics (Puerto Madero) where the Damon Philosophy annual meeting was held. Juan Carlos Mitre and Juan Carlos Solorio Quezada (Mexico)

Dr. Lombardi with Dr. Juan Carlos Solorio Quezada (México) y Dr. Damon Argentina.


2010 4-days Intensive training on Dental Implants. 32 hours duration. August. In ILAPEO: Instituto Latino Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico. Curitiba Brasil.

Dr. Instituto Latino Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico. Curitiba Brasil.

2010 - 7th Meeting Damon Orthodontics Lecturers (Dr. Stuart Frost, Dr. Alfredo Nappa, Dr, Juan Mitre)
In the picture: Dr Lombardi Maximiliano with Dr Stuart Frost (EE.UU.) and colleagues (thanks to Dr. Gabriela Bega for sending the picture)



2011 - 8th meeting Damon Orthodontics in Bs. As. Lecturer: Dr. Ramon Perera from Spain

Dr. Perera and Dr. Lombardi



Dr. Lombardi attended the 1º Congreso Iti  Argentina of and excellent reputation as one of the most important events in the agenda of oral implantology on the world. The lecturers were:


Dr. Urs Belser

Prosthodontia and Occlusion Dep. School of Dentistry, University of Ginebra (Switzerland)
Fellow y Member of ITI Board

Dr. Matteo Chiapasco

San Paolo Hospital, Milan (Italy)
Fellow y Chairman of ITI italian Section

Dr. Luca Cordaro

Eastman Dental Hospital Roma (Italy)
Fellow y Delegate of Education of
ITI Italian Section

Dr. Javier Fábrega

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
Fellow y Delegate of Education of
ITI Spanish Section

Dr. Germán Gallucci

School of Dentistry, Harvard University (USA), Fellow of ITI

Dr. Daniel Wismeijer

ACTA Amsterdam (Holland), Member of ITI



2011 - From 1st to 5th August: Current Concepts in American Dentistry: Advances in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. New York University (NYU)

Dr. Lombardi and New York University certification


Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Lee in NYU (New York University)


Posgrado en la Universidad de New York 2012

2012 - From 19th to 23rd March - New York University Postgrade 2012. Along with other doctors from Argentina: Maximiliano Clavero (Cordoba) Martin Manzoni (Pergamino) Marcelo Cuccarese (Capital Federal) Maximiliano Lombardi (Rosario) Leonardo Jorge Uribe Echevarria (Cordoba) Favio Venturini (Cordoba) Sebastian Ranalli (capital Federal) Walter Macchi (Entre Rios)


International Implantology Week New York

2012 - From 6th to 9th Agosto - Biomet 3i Week - New York University‏

International Implantology Week

New York University College of Dentistry

Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program - New York - NY

"Current Concepts in American Dentistry"


March 2013
Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program Curren Concept in AMERICAN Dentistry
in New York University. New York with Dr Salama and Drs. from Argentina.


9th Meeting Damon Orthodontics in Argentina. Lecturer: Dr. Frank Bogdan. DDS EEUU.
In the photo: Dr. Lombardi, Maximiliano, with Dr. Frank Bogdan and Drs Damon from Argentina.


Training with Dr Teddy Romero Pelaez at Escuela Superior de Implantes en Barcelona


Clinical and treatment strategies for ultimate aesthetic and implant success 
Nyu in Chile Santiago



Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi succedding thesis in New York University.
Current Concepts in American Dentistry Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. August 2014.



10th Damon Dentistry Argentina Anual Meeting

Dr Maximiliano Lombardi, with Dr. Juan Lavallen, Speaker Chris Chang, and Dr Julio Masciocchi



Training in the ex-Siemmens factory, now Sirona in Bensheim, Germany.
Use of Cerec Omnicam in Advanced Digital Dentistry.
Speakers: Daniel Vazquez DDS. and Frankie Acosta (EEUU).



Meeting Damon Anual with Drs Damon Argentina



Drs Manzoni and Lombardi congressmen in Osseointegration 50 years. Less in more.
Sao Paulo Brasil. IN 2015. - 30 sept/03 oct 2015


IDS. International Dental Show. Colonia, Germany. March 21st to 25th, 2017


Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi Odontólogo

Dr. Silvina Latanzi

Theorical Training:

"Sanitary Radio-physics"

"Oral-Maxillofacial Traumatology"

"Salivary glands' Pathologies"

"Update training in Dental Operative"

"Periapical and Cystic Pathologies, Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment"

"Dentistry Emergencies-Medical Emergencies"

"Root Canal in the office, revision on our clinic procedures"

"Fifth Meeting with Root Canal"

"Management of soft tissue on teeth and implants, Cosmetics in front-tooth region"

Practical Training:

"First Level of Surgery for General Dentists" (84 hours-duration) Facultad de Odontología de Rosario.

"Pharmacology of pain, inflamation, and of special patients" (38 hours-duration) Facultad de Odontología de Rosario.

"Root Canal for General Practice" (80 hours-duration) Facultad de Odontología de Rosario.

"Integral Periodontics for General Dentists" (78 hours-duration) Círculo Odontológico de Rosario.

"Introduction Bachelor on Root Canal" (80 hours-duration) UAI- Hospital Español.

*All corresponding certificates are available

Social Activities:

Dentistry Care in the Infant Care and Family Promotion Center (Ce.DIPF) as volunteer.

Work Experience:

Dentistry Care in Giussepe Garibaldi Care Center (Italia and Garibaldi, Rosario)

Dentistry Care in Dr. Rivero Covre's Clinic in Villa Gobernador Galvez.

Dentistry Care in private office.

Flavia Ciraolo

Flavia Ciraolo


She is the secretary and team assistant. She will answer you on the phone (0341-6798751) to book an appointment or she will call you to confirm a web-booking.

Brenda Lis Fernandez

Brenda Lis Fernandez



Bernarda Godoy

Bernarda Godoy



Dra. Fernanda Silecato

Dr. Fernanda Silecato


Graduate in Dentistry in Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Mat. Nº 4451/02

Last training : Surgery workshop, Dentistry Conference Rosario
Laser and computing, Dentistry Conference Rosario Sanitary radiophysics (Colegio de Odontologos.).

International Symposium on Implantology ( Colegio Odontologico de Rosario). Clinical Dentistry in the baby (Dentistry Conference Rosario) Cosmetic adn Functional Excellence in Direct and Indirect Restoration (Facultad de Odontologia Rosario). Conference about Dental Traumathology, Dental Emergencies (Dentistry Conference Rosario) Conference about Root Canal - Clinic Current Situation (Dentistry Conference Rosario) Root Canal commenting clinic cases ( Colegio de odontologos de Rosario.). Root Canal in the Office - revision of our clinical procedure. ( Colegio de odologos de Rosario.).

5th Root Canal Meeting - Active Member (root canal section of circulo odontologico de Rosario).
Bachelor on Root Canal done in Hospital Español de Rosario.

Dra. Samanta Ivaldi

Dr. Samanta Ivaldi


Information being produced.

Carolina Faravelli

Carolina Faravelli



German Martínez

Germán Ariel Martínez


Information being produced.


Luciana Demonti

Luciana Demonti



Asistió 2 años al servicio de odontología del hospital de niños, “Víctor .j. Vilella.”

Cursos otorgados por la Asociación Odontológica Argentina.

- Curso teórico practico en endodoncia en piezas unirradiculares. Dictado por la Dra. Cañete y la Dra. Blank.
- Curso teórico practico en endodoncia en piezas unirradiculares y multirradiculares. Dictado por la Dra. Ritacco y la Dra. Testa.
- Paso a paso del blanqueamiento dental interno y externo. Dictado por la Dra. Franceschi.
- Cursos de capacitación en endodoncia en AOA. Año 2009.
- Operatoria dental, postes y coronas. En AOA .año 2010.

Cursos otorgados por la Facultad de Odontología de Rosario

- Patologías quirúrgicas de la articulación temporo mandibular. Diagnostico y tratamiento. Dictantes Dr. Villar; Dr. Calegaris; Dr. Gesuiti.
- Cirugía. Quistectomias. Tumores. Dictado por el Dr. Gesuiti.
- Patologías periapicales .quísticas, diagnostico y tratamiento quirúrgico. Dictado por el Dr. Gesuiti.

Cursos otorgados por el Circulo Odontológico de Rosario.

- Supernumerarios, agenesia, implantes. Dictado por el Dr. Roberto blanco.
- Actualización en odontopediatría. Dictado por la Dra. Silvia Rotman.
- Endodoncia en dientes unirradiculares. Dictado por el Dr. Cristían Foyatier.
- Oclusión. Dictado por el Dr. Saul Elisei.
- Placa miorrelajante. Dictado por el Dr. Ricardo Pietromica.
- Traumatismos dentarios. Dictado por la Dra. Marta conde.
- Enfoque integral de periodoncia. Dictado por el Dr. Chacón.
- Enfoque integral de prostodoncia. Dictado por el Dr. Blotta.
- Congreso encuentro de endodoncia. Dictado en el hotel Plaza Real de la ciudad de Rosario.
- Jornadas odontológicas. Dictado en el patio de la madera.
- Jornadas internacionales odontológicas. Dictadas en el patio de la madera. Año 2006.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Dr. Maximiliano Lombardi - Odontólogo - Mat. 3786/02
183, Luis Cándido Carballo Av. - 6th floor Of. 3 - Rosario - Sta. Fe - Argentina

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